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** New Dual Throttle / Wideband / Adaptive Fuel Tables Emerald K6Plus Available now **



Kits and Classics offers a range of products and services for your performance kit car or classic car, all delivered to the same exacting high standards. Many of our products are tested in the heat of competition either on the race track or hillclimbs and sprints. We have worked on race winning cars, lap record holding cars and hillclimb championship winning cars so we know what it takes to deliver high quality work on time and on budget.

The core of the business is centered around the Dyno Dynamics two wheel drive rolling road which is used for ECU remapping, power runs and engine running fault diagnosis. We also offer suspension set up services for road and track.

In our website you will find a range of performance products, many of which were conceived, designed and developed in house.

As you will see, we are biased towards sports cars however our knowledge base extends through the kit car scene and into classic cars from the 1960s onwards.

If you have any queries please be sure to get in touch and we will reply back as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Kits and Classics.

Picture shows : TVR Griffith running Emerald K6 ECU, twin wasted spark coils, 8-2-1 manifolds, remote bypass thermostat and oil/water heat exchanger. This car also runs Drive By Wire throttle, a first for a TVR.

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